Tambosi LLC. grounds creative leadership in real consumer insights that are a critical foundation for creating meaningful relationship between brands and consumers.

This creative framework is a mindset that was born from fifteen years of first-hand experience working with brands like Nokia and Nike and start-ups in the technology industry.

These are the key elements of how we can help build your brand:

  • Quick-thinking and adaptability, two of the most important attributes to survive in today’s ever changing world
  • Obsessing the details and working resiliently to maximize the internal potential of your brand
  • Creative intelligence to simplify your creative process while elevating attributes of your brand that matter



Our way of working focuses on creative and digitally-native approach that stems from truly international experience ranging from working with some of the most loved and iconic brands like Nokia and Nike, teaching at the Clemson University…

Teaching and Workshops

The company leader Fabio Tambosi recently joined the Erwin Center for Brand Communications as an Adjunct Professor teaching a newly created and innovative class [Brand Me | Influencer Marketing]…


The company leader Fabio Tambosi is an innovative and digital-native brand marketing speaker and keynote presenter. With hundreds of presentations under his belt in front of large global audiences as well as more…

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I believe in collaboration and that creativity can come from anywhere. If you are still not sure that you need us, let’s have a chat and jam together to find the best fit for your brand.