Please let us know if you are interested in publishing your work on Our blog section of the site. You must use and follow the Creative Leadership methodology for your submission, don’t worry we will have a call to discuss your work beforehand.

The criteria is simple, this must be the best work you have produced in your life. Also, it needs to deliver against a real consumer need, tie to a clear product payoff and never been done before work or bring unique perspective on the new trends of marketing.

Here are the key questions you should think about before sending your submission request.

  • What was the consumer insight that drove this project?
  • What was the issue your brand/company had to tackle?
  • What was unique or different in how you approached the issue?
  • What were the results for the brand and business?
  • What were the key learnings from this initiative?

Click here to submit your request and I will follow up to book time for a call.

The primary goal is to provide inspiration and education to our community. So, please do not send a proposal if your primary purpose is creating content for promotion or an SEO link-building strategy.