The company leader Fabio Tambosi recently joined the Erwin Center for Brand Communications as an Adjunct Professor teaching a newly created and innovative class [Brand Me | Influencer Marketing]. His marketing course focuses on building foundational elements of strategic brand management and provides tools to build an emotional brand leveraging the power of influencers.


  • Understanding the key principles of building enduring brands
  • Building a cohesive framework for influencer marketing programs
  • Launching and curating an influencer program through social media platforms.

Fabio believes that teaching is a two-way street as it is the best way to learn and an opportunity to stay connected with the youth – every brand’s dream consumer.

Here are what some of his students have said about the Brand Me | Influencer Marketing testimonials.

“For a really long time I don’t think I’ve actually understood why I’m here [Clemson], and then, I just got it. It clicked. Fabio helped make that happen.”


Justin J., Senior, Class of 2018

“My experience in Fabio’s class was second to none. The knowledge I gained throughout the course gives me a significant advantage heading into life after graduation. I really appreciated Fabio teaching me the importance of how a brand effectively “cuts through” in a society bounded by endless amounts of content.”

Reed Gatson

“Having Fabio as my professor was the highlight of my semester. It was a privilege to have someone with the industry experience and product knowledge he has teaching us each week. His passion and drive motivated me to create innovative & thoughtful work, while pushing me to my fullest potential.”

Megan Balas


Fabio Tambosi builds bespoke workshops for brands and their teams. He has led, created and facilitated summits, brainstorming sessions, and corporate off-sites in more than 20 countries for teams including IBM, Nokia, Nike and Clemson University.

His areas of expertise:

  • Creative Leadership
  • Strategic Brand Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Mindset
  • Editorial Blueprint Calendar
  • Brand Communication Touchpoint Planning
  • Brand and Disruption Summits
  • Membership and Retention

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